Sharm el Sheik

Sharm el Sheik is located at the northern end of the Red Sea, on the tip of the Sinai Desert. Over the past twenty years it has grown from a desert outpost to a bustling city home to all manner of watersports and activities. You can ride a camel at sunset, visit Mt Moses, St Katherine Monastery, or the ancient City of Petra just across the border in Jordan.

Egypt Pyramids

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is located on the coast of the Red Sea, east of Luxor. The port, Marsa Ghalib, is home to liveaboard boats that travel the beautiful and pristine diving locations in the southern part of the Red Sea. Far from the sleepy fishing village it once was, Marsa Alam’s beautiful beaches and virgin coral reefs make it a prime holiday destination.



Ghazala I & II

Ghazala 1

Ghazala 1

Ghazala I is a luxury liveaboard that cruises famous dive sites like Ras Mohammed, the Straits of Tiran and the Thistlegorm, a WWII wreck. Up to 16 guests are accommodated in staterooms with private facilities. Onboard desalinators enable generous use of showers and rinsing of cameras and dive gear. The dive deck is equipped with a Nitrox membrane system.

Ghazala II operates out of Sharm el Sheikh and cruises the Northern Red Sea, accommodating up to 12 passengers.  Her itinerary includes the dive sites in the Straits of Tiran, Ras Mohammed, Thistlegorm, Shab Ali and the wrecks of Shab Abu Nuhas. Contact us for packages.

Ghazala Voyager

Ghazala Voyager

Ghazala Voyager

Ghazala Voyager operates from Marsa Alam, visiting world famous sites like the Straits of Tiran, Brother Islands, Daedalus and Rocky Islands. Up to 16 guests are accommodated in staterooms with private facilities. Onboard desalinators enable generous use of showers and rinsing of cameras and dive gear. The dive deck is equipped with a Nitrox membrane system. Contact us for packages.



Seawolf Fleet

Seawolf-Dominator Salon

Seawolf-Dominator Salon

The Seawolf Fleet comprises three beautiful vessels that plie the Red Sea. The Seawolf-Soul & the Seawolf-Felo accommodate up to 22 passengers whilst the Seawolf-Dominator can sleep up to 24. Each vessel has a large central air-conditioned salon & large sun decks with chaise lounges, perfect for relaxation after a days diving. The boats’ itineraries include a North Tour of the Red Sea where there are numerous wrecks to enjoy or cruising deep in the south around St Johns & Brother Islands where you will find shoals of barracudas, sharks, rays, dolphins, huge turtles & mantas. Contact us for packages.

Emperor Fleet

Emperor Superior

Emperor Superior

The Emperor Fleet has a knowledgeable team of guides, crew and chefs who are all trained to a high standard and offer first class customer service. The Emperor Fleet has fascinating dive briefings, fabulous meals and an impressive choice of routes which get you to some of the best diving in the Red Sea. Contact us for packages.






Entry Requirements

Australian passport holders require at least six months validity beyond your intended stay. A visa is required for Australian passport holders and due to a new online application system, will no longer be available at the border. Visas must be applied for either online or through the Egyptian Consulate. Due to changing circumstances, be sure to keep up through the DFAT website. For more information and for holders of other passports, please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for the latest travel advice.


The Egyption Pound (EGP) is the local currency in Egypt. One Australian dollar buys approximately 5 EGP.


The official language of Egypt is Literary Arabic. English and French are widely spoken.


220-240 volts and uses a European plug type.

Time Zone

GMT+2 (8 hours behind Sydney)


As a predominantly Muslim country, conservative dress is recommended. In beach areas, shorts and casual beach attire is acceptable. In cities and religious sites, conservative dress code is recommended. Wear long trousers for men and pants or skirts for women, plus sleeved shirts to cover the shoulders. Fully covered shoes in cities is recommended as the streets can be muddy and/or dirty.


Egypt has a hot, desert climage. It is a very dry county except on the Mediterranean coast which receives more rain in winter. Coastally, temperatures vary from 10’C – 23’C in winter and 17’C to 32’C in Summer. In land more, summers can soar over 40’C.

Water Temperature

22’C – 29’C depending on time of year.

Departure Tax

35 EGP (Approx $5 USD) to be paid in EGP.


Tipping is a large part of culture in Egypt to subsidise low pays – known as a “Backsheesh” and tipping is customary on good service. This does not mean you have to tip if the service is not adequate and you should not feel forced into it. As a rule, 10% of a restaurant bill, 3 – 5 EGP for a hotel porter or other service. 25 – 50pt for a bathroom attendant. It is not customary to tip a taxi driver, as usually they factor their tip in to the agreed price. When in doubt, 10% of the bill is more than adequate. In hotels, leaving an envelope at reception for staff is customary, and they will divide the tip later.

You may also find young children holding their hands out on the street. Refrain from giving them money as you are encouraging this pattern of behaviour. If you wish to give to charity in Egypt, there are NFP Organisations that support children in Egypt and would gladly accept your donation.