Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Oceanic Ray Costa Rica

Oceanic Ray Costa Rica

Explore the tropical waters surrounding the lush, green, islands of Costa Rica. Experience rainforest covered pinnacles that rise from the ocean that are beacons for pelagic action. Experience hiking through the wildlife filled jungles, plunging into hidden waterfalls, witnessing awe-inspiring sunsets over the ocean, visit hot springs and waterfalls, try your hand at white water rafting… the list is endless.

As for the diving, discover diving in pristine locations where very few divers have visited. The untouched dive sites and abundance of pelagic action are the islands highlights. See sharks, rays, enormous schools of tuna and jack, mantas, turtles, whale sharks and dolphins! Unique experiences include stumbling upon dozens of hammerheads on each dive as well as the exhilarating bull sharks encounters. As well as this you’ll be sure to witness rich coral reefs, volcanic tunnels and caves.


Entry Requirements

A visa is not required for travel under 90 days. All passports must have at least 6 months validity from your return date.  Please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Website: for the travel advice.


The local currency in Costa Rica is the Costa Rican Colones (CLC) and $1 AUD equals about 400.5 CLC. Both the US dollar and Costa Rican Colones are accepted throughout Costa Rica and dispensed from ATMs across the country, with the exception of small coastal and rural towns in which case credit cards are generally accepted.


Spanish is the official language and this is what is primarily spoken. English is fairly widely spoken also. Within differing indigenous communities, a variety of indigenous languages are used.


110V and uses the American plug type.

Time Zone

Costa Rica Jungle

Costa Rica Jungle

Central Standard Time -06:00 hours, Costa Rica is 16 hours behind Melbourne.


Light informal clothes all year round.


Costa Rica has a reputation for incredible tropical weather however change your elevation within the country and you will find some incredible weather changes. Visit the highland town of Montaverde and you’ll be surrounded by cool mist and fog for most parts of the year. Make your way to the Pacific Coast on the other hand and the weather is hot and dry, the perfect beach climate for most of the year.

Water Temperature

Water temperatures are incredible year-round in Costa Rica. They peak around mid May at about 30 degrees and have a low around the start of February of around 25 degrees. Temperatures closer to shore can be much warmer.

Departure Tax

Costa Rica Exit Tax of $29 USD is payable at the aiport with USD/Costa Rican cash or VISA, Matercard or American Express. This tax must be paid before you check in for your flight.


Tipping in Costa Rica is optional. There is generally a 10% service charge added to your bill regardless.