People photographing an orca in the ice, Antarctica


With its overwhelming array of colours, moods, diverse wildlife and underwater world the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula is a paradise for anyone who enjoys adventures on both land and sea. Here you have the opportunity to be in the company of thousands of penguins or watching whales, dolphins and seals. You could be diving the amazing underwater world and having close up encounters with  fascinating marine life or zodiac cruising between white icebergs and ice floes which will captivate and amaze.

Diving in Antarctica is a unique experience for the advanced diver.  The dive sites will vary from shallow ice diving, diving along a wall or around grounded icebergs. The combination of  sunlight and the often extraordinary formations of ice cause an overwhelming, ever changing spectre of colours, with a fantastic variety of shades and brilliance. While diving along the ice floes, you will be amazed and never forget those deep blue colours.antarctica

Diving in the Polar regions not only offers ice but also an interesting array of marine life, such as kelp walls, sea snails, sea butterflies, various bottom fish, shrubby horse-tails, jelly fish, sea hedgehogs and starfish.  In the Antarctic waters you will also find typical marine life such as sea squirts, squat lobsters, spider crabs, soft corals, anemones, peacock worms and dogfish and you will be diving with seals and penguins, including the fearless Leopard Seal.

To find out about the vessels that visit Antarctica and the trips that are on offer contact one of our friendly staff who will be happy to discuss the options available.