Our Staff

Ian Lockwood

Managing Director

Ian is at the helm of Allways Dive Expeditions with more than 25 years experience. He joined the team in the retail travel area in 1989 and quickly moved to the dive department, learning the business from the ground up. Since then he has been travelling to all corners of the earth to find the very best diving destinations for his customers, and he particularly enjoys diving with schooling pelagics and learning the history of World War II wrecks.

Ian regularly escorts groups to different diving destinations and has dived all over the South Pacific and Asia. He has also travelled extensively to South America, Europe, New Zealand and the USA.

Contact Ian on ian@allwaysdive.com.au


Geoff Skinner


Geoff’s career in the dive industry started when he became the importer and distributor of Oceanic Dive Equipment in Australia in 1972, and he is a well-known face in the dive industry. His enthusiastic passion for dive travel is contagious, and he regularly escorts trips of 20-30 people to exotic destinations including the Galapagos, the Red Sea and West Papua.

Geoff has travelled extensively and it would be easier to write a list of destinations he hasn’t been to. He is an accomplished underwater videographer and has been a consultant for many film productions.

Contact Geoff on geoff@allwaysdive.com.au

Abbigail Grier

Travel Administrator

Abbigail joined Allways Dive Expeditions in 2008 and is the backbone of our team. Whether it’s producing a flyer for a dive shop or ensuring that the hotels are paid on time, Abbigail is the go-to girl.

She is well-recognised in the dive industry due to her extensive travels around Australia to visit dive shops and trade shows and her bright and friendly attitude. Abbigail’s favourite travel destinations are Palau, Egypt and the Pacific Harbour region of Fiji.

Contact Abbigail on abbigail@allwaysdive.com.au


Lucinda Evans

Marketing Coordinator

Joining the team in May 2015, Luci is the youngest member of the Allways team. She is a lover of all things related to the ocean, growing up on the coast of Victoria only metres from the beach where most of her time was spent snorkelling and surfing. A keen traveller, Luci has spent 3 years exploring far North Queensland and further afield has travelled Indonesia, The Philippines, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Having completed her Bachelor of Business with a major in marketing Luci’s role at Allways Dive Expeditions includes promotions, marketing, social media and website development. New to the diving world, she is now enjoying some of the fantastic destinations she’s been busy promoting!

Contact Luci on travel@allwaysdive.com.au

Hayley Brewin

Dive Travel Specialist

Hayley is working with us on a casual basis whilst completing her second degree studying Physical Education. After completing her Diploma in Resort Management (Majoring in Diving) she has taught people to dive in Melbourne being an enthusiastic cold water instructor before moving to the chilly waters of Tasmania. Here she worked in a dive shop teaching diving and taking her customers on a tropical trip to Vanuatu to dive the famous SS President Coolidge!

Hayley might be young but she has already done a fair bit of travelling around Australia, Philippines, Bali, Vanuatu and Thailand. Her favourite diving is shark diving and on top of her wish list is to visit the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica!

Contact Hayley on bookings@allwaysdive.com.au



Prashun Thipaiah

Dive Travel Specialist

Joining the team in March 2016 and well on his way to achieving his Masters degree in Tourism Prashun is thrilled to have found his dream job. A passionate diver since the age of 15 he is now a qualified instructor.

In addition to managing a dive shop in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands he has dived Australia, Thailand, Fiji and India. He has also travelled through Europe, South East Asia, South America and parts of Africa. All this and yet he still surprised us by letting us know his favourite experience was diving at South Asia’s only active volcano, Barren Island. The bucket list will sound familiar to most divers – he is itching to dive with sharks and see Galapagos and the Cocos Islands in Costa Rica.

Contact Prashun on sales@allwaysdive.com.au



Claire Kilcullen

Dive Travel Specialist

Claire has come to Allways Dive with over 10 years experience in travel; she is a passionate diver and a lover of the sun, sea and remote islands. Learning to dive in 2011 in the Perhentian Islands, she returned the following year to complete her advanced open water. A seasoned traveller she has dived throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Florida and The Philippines including a 7 month stint working and diving in Malapascua with the Threshers.


Not just a water lover, Claire has also travelled throughout Europe, Japan, South East Asia, South Pacific, USA, Peru, Canada and Mexico. Claire loves all types of diving from macro to pelagic action, and has the Galapagos Islands high up on her bucket list.

Contact Claire on res@allwaysdive.com.au

Alex Orchard

Dive Travel Specialist

With over 15 years travel experience,  with 8 years in corporate and 7 years in leisure travel Alex has made the jump to Allways Dive !

Alex learnt to dive in the Red Sea in 1999 and cemented her diving qualifications with an advanced open water and specialist certificate in Tanzania. She is looking forward to attaining her Dive Master certification some time soon… she just has to get herself to another exotic dive location so that her Log book has as many amazing dive locations as her passport. With extensive travels through Asia, Europe, and Africa, and Australia she is a lover of Pelagic action and is keen for a shark cage dive in South Africa.  

Contact Alex on design@allwaysdive.com.au


Anne Heriot

Accounts and Administration

Anne is the lady behind the scenes who looks after our accounts and supplier contracts. She is very popular among the team not only because she ensures we get paid, but for her unending team spirit and willingness to get in and have a go. Anne has run her own business for several years and has extensive travel experience to Europe, USA and the South Pacific.

Contact Anne on accounts@allwaysdive.com.au


Carmen Bolton

Website Consultant

Carmen works behind the scene on our Allways Dive website. She has worked in Communications for over 10 years and spends her days in the deep recesses of our extensive website adding new content, managing any problems that arise with the site and improving customer experience.

For Carmen, writing content for our website can be dangerous; it appears we continue to feed her addictions to both travel and scuba diving by adding new places to her bucket list daily. Carmen has travelled extensively all around the world, with South America being her favourite continent.

Contact Carmen on allways@allwaysdive.com.au

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